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Dell kit to be sold in UK stores

Dell kit will now be available from your local PC World

When Michael Dell said he was planning on making Dell successful again, he made sure that his company would never be the same again - it abandoned the exclusive direct-selling model which it had become so synonymous with.

After selling its wares through Best Buy and Staples stores in the US, Dell has announced it is to partner with DSGi - the company behind PC World, Currys and to sell laptops, desktops and XPS gaming systems through its stores.

Stores to sell from January

"By adding Dell computers to our ranges, we can give customers in our 1,300 stores across Europe another highly sought-after range of products and the experience to match it," said John Browett, chief executive of DSGi

Stores will begin selling the machines from January. DSGi says that the company's TechGuys technical help service will also support the Dell kit.

The agreement also covers DSGi's other stores across Europe including Electro World, PC City and Elkjop outlets in 11 other countries.

Dell says its wares will now be in 10,000 outlets across the globe.