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Acer to launch first Google Chrome OS device next month

Acer set to launch Google Chrome OS devices at Computex
Acer set to launch Google Chrome OS devices at Computex

Acer is set to launch its first devices running the new Google Chrome operating system in early June. The launch is set to take place at the Computex show in Taipei.

Computex runs from the 1-5 June, so we'd expect further details on Acer's plans for Google Chrome OS powered computers then. VentureBeat reports that Acer is among Google's first partners on Google Chrome.

Chris Dibona, Head of Open Source at Google said Google, previously told TechRadar that Google was definitely working with Asus, Acer, HP "and maybe MSI" when quizzed about the companies Google was working with. We've previously seen it running on an Asus system.

TechRadar has spoken with an Acer rep in the UK who was quick to serve us with a 'no comment'.

"Acer makes perfect sense for a launch partner--the demo unit at the announcement of Chrome OS was an Acer netbook, though Google security kicked me out from behind the podium before I could take any pictures (they were polite but firm)," writes Fastcompany's Dan Nosowitz.

Chrome OS may well prove to be popular with low-powered netbooks – as it may well allow them to run considerably faster and provide extended battery life.

Via Venturebeat