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YouTube begins payment for news videos

YouTube has struck a revenue-share deal with a US broadcaster - although it still faces legal action from other quarters

Don't get too excited - YouTube isn't about to start paying everybody for their videos. But it has reached a landmark revenue-sharing deal with a US regional news broadcaster. And this could influence the deals it strikes in future.

The agreement means local broadcaster Hearst-Argyle Television will receive a small payment whenever one of its news videos is clicked upon. The company, which owns 29 local US TV stations, will share revenue on news, weather and entertainment footage.

Like other YouTube broadcasters such as the BBC , Hearst-Argyle will have a dedicated channel on the website. Neither party has said how the cut will be decided, but other broadcasters are sure to be watching closely.

It's the latest in a long line of content deals that Google-owned YouTube has struck in recent months. Only last week it reached an agreement with EMI to show music videos. This pact may lead to EMI recordings being able to be legally used as the soundtrack to user-generated videos.

YouTube still faces legal action from MTV-owning media giant Viacom as well as the Premier League, which objects to the site's streaming of football clips.