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Asus shows off Cine5 all-in-one PC speaker

Cine5 - designed for smaller rooms
Cine5 - designed for smaller rooms

Asus has unveiled its Cine5 PC speaker, promising accurate 5-channel surround sound in small room.

The Cine5 is designed for what Asus terms 'personalized spaces' such as study rooms and to that end it is a all-in-one, compact speaker using Asus' "Embracing Sound Theatre HD" technology.

"This patented technology leverages on a discrete 5-channel output to deliver full audio surround, which users can experience whenever they are directly in front of the speaker," explains Asus.

FPS accuracy

"In a First Player Shooter game, the Cine5 provides precise sound location that improves shooting accuracy and heightens gaming thrills.

"The Cine5 also revives 5-channel audio from any down-mixed 2-channel source—for a high-fidelity, multi-channel sound during PC gaming or movie sessions."

The Cine5 apparently offers 15dB more than speakers of similar size and the multi-driver configuration should aid higher-frequency responses.

Asus has yet to announce a price, but the Cine5 has a UK release date of the end of March.