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Google's self-driving car gets closer with new hire

Google car

It was never a secret that Google was working hard to enter the competitive auto market with its self-driving car project. But things are starting to get a bit more real, with the hiring of ex-Ford and ex-Hyundai GM John Krafcik to lead the initiative.

Krafcik, whose resume lists 14 years at Ford followed by 10 years at Hyundai – including five years in the top job in the US – has turned to Twitter to confirm the news and express his excitement at the opportunity.

"Yes, true: I'm joining the Google Self-Driving Car project in late September," Krafcik tweeted. "This is a great opportunity to help Google develop the enormous potential of self-driving cars. I can't wait to get started," he added.

"Self-driving cars could save 1000s of lives, give people greater mobility & free us from things we find frustrating about driving today," Krafcik announced in a third tweet.

The news comes just two months after Apple also went on an automotive hiring spree (well, maybe not quite a spree), nabbing ex-Fiat-Chrysler exec Doug Betts in an undisclosed role.