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Apple unveils new emoji: all the new choices coming to your iPhone

Apple has unveiled a slew of new emoji in celebration of World Emoji Day that will make chatting even more expressive later this year. Set to make their debut on iPhone, macOS and watchOS, we’ve highlighted the wonderful and weird additions to the emoji library in alphabetical order.

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Breast feeding emoji

Your mileage may vary with this one, but Apple’s been on a tear raising inclusiveness within its emoji library and the breastfeeding emoji is certainly another step in the right direction. 

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Bearded man emoji

This fellow has a beard. Sorry to all the beardless guys who were hoping that Apple had another one for them, this is for the hairy ones. 

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Barfing emoji

Do I really need to say anything? It’s an emoji spewing out a colossal fountain of vomit and it rules. 

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Crazy-eyed emoji

What’s wrong with this one? A case of the Mondays? Been at the bar a little too long? That’s the beauty of emoji, it can mean all of those things and more. 

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Elf emoji

It’s an expression of fantasy, your inner-nerd. “Let’s watch some high-fantasy TV!”, this could say. You’ll know right away if this is one you’ll use every hour or never touch. 

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Exploding head emoji

On a daily basis, our minds are blown by something and thankfully, we’ll no longer be forced to express our utter disbelief with the basic :O emoji. This mind-shattering emoji is perfect for bombshell revelations, surprise discoveries and whatever else that stupefies you.

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Star-struck emoji

OMG, you just saw Kevin Spacey ordering a quadruple-shot espresso at your coffee shop? You’re star-struck and this new emoji sums it up perfectly. Well, you could also use it to flatter a loved-one, but then it really loses its luster for those one-off celebrity sightings. 

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T-Rex emoji

It’s the T-Rex you know and love, tiny arms and all. Back in the day (millions of years ago) this was the key predator, but - well, you don’t need a history lesson. It’s a T-Rex emoji and it’s awesome. 

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Woman with headscarf emoji

If you wear a headscarf, you probably noticed long ago that there hasn’t been an emoji that represents your attire. Later this year, you’ll be able to express yourself or describe those who wear them in the proper way. 

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Yoga man emoji

Namaste. Get in touch with your inner-self with this yoga emoji. It communicates that you’re going to yoga class or that you’re really in need of one. Find peace by hammering incessantly on this emoji when it releases later this year. 

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Zebra emoji

Zebras a cool for many a reason. They’re like horses that came dressed to party with crazy stripes. Maybe you’ll find a use for this one, maybe not. 

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Zombie emoji

Stumbling groggy into work on a Monday or have an insatiable desire for the taste for brains? This zombie emoji is the perfect expression for both states of being.  

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