Your best broadband, phone and TV deal just got even easier to find thanks to Ofcom

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It's about to get easier to get the ultimate deals on broadband, TV and phone offerings, following new rules announced by Ofcom. A whopping 20 million people could benefit and one of those might be you.

The new requirements mean that broadband, TV and phone providers must send important information out to customers when their contracts are coming to an end. They must also then continue to send details on a regular basis after that.

Around one in seven people don't know if they're still tied to a contract after it has ended. Essentially the new rules help those people, to not only realise this but also to see how much they could save by trying a new deal. For example, deals that offer half price line rental for the first six months, before hiking up, will be more expensive in the long run past a contract's end.

Ofcom has given providers nine months to get their systems in order to support this, meaning the new notifications will start going out from 15 February 2020.

New alerts include details on when the contract ends, the price paid before, changes to the service, the price paid at the end of the contract, notice period information and the best deals and prices available to new customers. 

It couldn't be easier to save money and improve your broadband, TV or phone provision and we have all the options laid out for you to pick from in our best broadband deals and best mobile phone deals guides.

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