Your Amazon Xbox Series X pre-order might arrive in December – here's why

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If you pre-ordered an Xbox Series X from Amazon, you might not receive Microsoft’s next-gen console today, November 10, or even this month. 

The online retailer has reached out to customers to inform them that some shipments of the Xbox Series X have been delayed due to supply shortages. However, the delay seems to vary person to person, with some only having to wait a few days, while others vaguely promised that the console should arrive before December 31.

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Amazon sent a similar email to PS5 pre-order customers, warning that some shipments might not arrive on November 19, but this was sent a couple of days after pre-orders began, not the day before launch.

As more customers wake up to the news of the disappointing delay, there’s going to be a lot of rightly annoyed individuals who may have even booked time off work to play. While the delay isn’t too surprising considering the logistical challenges Covid-19 presents as well as the quite frankly incredible demand for the consoles, the lack of notice certainly hasn’t helped.

We saw some Xbox Series X consoles go up for sale today but they were quickly snapped up by eager consumers looking to get hold of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox. While we're not expecting to see any Black Friday Xbox Series X deals on November 27, some retailers like Best Buy have said they will have limited stock available.

We’ll be keeping our eye on the situation in the coming weeks, of course, and will hopefully help you secure the elusive system before Christmas rolls around.

At least everyone who accidentally ordered an Xbox One X during the Xbox Series X pre-orders got their consoles well in advance...

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