You won’t be surprised by Apple's best apps and games of 2016

Apple’s iPhone and iPad apps and games of the year list has now been revealed for 2016 and the big surprise is the lack of Pokémon Go action.

In the US, the iPhone Game of the Year is Clash Royale with the runner up being swipe-based medieval Tinder game Reigns. Pokémon Go is nowhere to be seen, it's not even included in the runners-up list.

The iPhone app of the Year is Prisma for those in the US, while the UK has three iPhone App awards going to Spotify (as best-grossing), FaceSwap Live (as best paid-app) and WhatsApp (as best free app).

A long year

On iPad, the US has Sketchbook Motion as its number one app and the sword-swinging Severed as game of the year.

In the UK Minecraft is the best paid game of the year, while Candy Crush Saga is the top grossing game - there's no surprises there. YouTube is app of the year in the UK too, which is quite surprising considering it's quite a few years old. 

Apple has also shared its Apple Watch app of the year as MySwimPro – in the year the company released the waterproof Apple Watch 2, it makes sense – and the game of the year is Field Day.

Check below for our list of the recommended apps you should download for your iPad or iPhone soon.

James Peckham

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