Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available for Xbox Insiders to test

Looking up slightly at an Xbox Series X console with a controller leaning against the front.
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Microsoft has revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on the Xbox Insider Alpha and Skip-Ahead rings, which lets users stream Xbox Game Pass games via the cloud. 

Revealed during Gamescom 2021, Microsoft announced that it would be bringing cloud gaming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One this holiday (which is between September and December). Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play over 100 games from the cloud, and it will be a great way of letting console gamers jump into some titles without having to wait for a lengthy download.

For example, say if your friend has Sea of Thieves installed but you don’t. With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you could jump straight into the game without having to install it. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles also means that Xbox One owners can experience Gen 9-only Xbox games, like The Medium and Microsoft Flight Simulator. These games can’t be played on Xbox One, so streaming from the cloud technically transforms your old Xbox One into a next-gen console, sort of.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will support streaming up to 1080p and at 60fps, just like Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) currently does across PCs, phones, and tablets.

Become an Xbox Insider 

If you’d like to test upcoming Xbox features early, you can do so by becoming an Xbox Insider. It’s easy to join, but it’s important to note that the experiences you’re testing are in early access, so expect bugs, regular updates, and an onus to provide feedback to help troubleshoot issues. You can read the FAQs here.

To become an Xbox Insider, download the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Xbox, which can be found on the Microsoft Store. Once it’s installed, launch the app, go to previews and select the preview ring you want. There are eligibility requirements to each Insider ring, so don’t expect access to the Alpha and Skip-Ahead rings right away as these are for dedicated testers and include the most unstable build of the Xbox software.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is still in beta, is already available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and works on PCs, Android, and iOS devices. A large number of games also include dedicated touch controls, but you can also play using an Xbox Wireless Controller or one of the many mobile controllers like the Razer Kishi.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on consoles is just in the testing phase, then, but a full rollout is expected this holiday.  

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