The Gadget Expo 2015: What we expect to see

It's not just about the latest fitness band or smartwatch though – the Lifestyle Zone will also play home to some of the coolest tech you can spend money on, from electric skateboards to personal drones.

7. Techno Kids

The Gadget Expo 2015

Unlike the crazy intensity that is CES, the organisors of Australia's first real technology show want the Gadget Expo 2015 to be a family friendly event.

That's why they've created the Techno Kids zone, where the little tykes can go and get their hands dirty, discovering what makes gadgets and robotics tick.

Kids of all ages will have the opportunity to work on cool projects, participate in competitions and learn from professionals in the industry, which is a great opportunity to foster their imaginations in a fun, learning environment.

8. Auditorium

The Gadget Expo 2015

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But if you're at the Gadget Expo 2015, you can also visit the Auditorium, where hosts will be guiding you through some of the latest technologies on the market, pointing out their pros and cons and giving an authoritative opinion on what's happening it the gadget world.

Given how much changes every year, this is a good opportunity to get some differing opinions in a friendly, engaging environment.

9. Automotive Zone

The Gadget Expo 2015

Alongside the home, the car is the next great frontier of technology innovation. It's got so much potential, both Apple and Google are going out of their way of integrating systems with their smartphone operating systems through the CarPlay and Android Auto respectively.

On top of that, the car manufacturers themselves are seemingly working around the clock to try and add technological advances to their cars every year.

And this is where the Automotive zone comes in. We already know that BMW will be at the Gadget Expo 2015 showing off the tech inside it's latest vehicles, but there's destined to be even more players announced in the coming months.

It's an exciting area for gadgets to move into, and there'll be plenty to see on the show floor.

10. The Martin Jetpack

The Gadget Expo 2015 Martin Jetpack

There may not be a lot of information about exhibitors at this stage, but one thing we do know we can expect to see on the show floor is The Martin Jetpack.

There will be a demonstration on the show floor, and while you probably won't get the chance to strap yourself in to the jetpack itself, you will get the chance to check out the Martin Jetpack simulator, to see what commuting will be like in the future. Well, hopefully, anyway.

10. More to come

The expo still has months before it kicks off, and the announced exhibitor list is still quite small. There are still plenty of announcements and developments to come.

One thing's for sure – TechRadar will be on the show floor, delivering all the news live from the event. We'll also be keeping up to date with all the news as it happens, so stay tuned and come back regularly to see what else you can expect to see at the Gadget Expo 2015.

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