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TechRadar Tip Off: $100 off the Impossible Instant Lab for iPhones

Impossible Instant Lab
Not so impossible anymore

The Impossible Instant Lab should sound familiar - and if it doesn't, you can now get a little more familiar with it.

Our recent Valentine's Day Tip Off recently showcased this ingenious little gadget and we're happy that such a great deal exists for it now.

Previously $299, the Instant Lab is now only $199 with free shipping.

Basically, the Instant Lab takes digital pictures from your iPhone and within seconds, prints out a Polaroid.

Just click 'n print - how snappy!

Instant Lab

Instead of just Facebooking or Instagramming digital images, and simply keeping them in your phone, you can have your own private - and retro - collection of dogs, significant others and food as pretty, glossy photos.

There's a micro-processor-controlled film development unit with a Li-Ion rechargable battery that is capable of a surprisingly large 150 development cycles in one charge. The Instant Lab also takes instant film for Polaroid 600 and SX 70 Cameras - with company Impossible providing its own brand as well.

Android phone in your pocket? Sorry to say but there isn't an adapter just yet - with yet being the key word because there's one in the making.