Six Nations Rugby 3D: behind the scenes

Rugby 3d

With this much pressure, the kit used to film to the action has to be fool-proof. Luckily Milns is very confident in the rig that will be used.

"We will be using standard Sony split-block cameras, as they are great for 3D -as they are quite small," he explains.

"Essentially you have two cameras instead of one which replicate your own eyes. There's a left and right camera, one mounted on top, the other below and the rig will be holding two standard broadcast 2D cameras.

"We are using a 3D mirror rig as it is better to shoot 3D and doesn't have the limitations of a side-by-side configuration. Use the side-by-side method and in certain close-up shots you can't get the cameras close enough together.

"With the rig we can control the alignment and how much 3D you will see in the picture."

Rugby 3d

After witnessing live football in 3D for the first time, we did notice some limitations to the technology – especially with blurring on fast action.

Milns hopes he has a way to counteract this when it comes to rugby: "Blurring can be associated with fast movements such as rugby balls, but we'll be shooting at 50fps which should stop this problem."

There's definitely a groundswell taking place in 3D at the moment. Even if the public hasn't quite got round to the idea of 3D in the home – despite manufacturers trying to persuade us otherwise – there's something special about watching 3D in the cinema.

And considering the cinemas playing the game are kitted out with alcohol licenses the atmosphere should be immense. Let's just hope the 3D technology helps rather than hinders the experience.

Rugby 3d

England vs Wales in 3D is shown in selected Odeon and Cineworld cinemas in the UK today.England vs Ireland will also be shown in 3D 27 February.

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