What's the best Sony laptop?

Best Sony Vaio laptop
Want the best Sony Vaio laptop? You've come to the right place

It can be hard to choose which laptop to buy, but once you've found the brand you want then what next?

If you've settled on a Sony, then you're probably wondering what the best Sony laptop is for your budget. Here we've gathered together the best Sony Vaio reviews for your delectation.

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Sony laptops

With a Blu-ray drive and 1080p Full HD screen, there's no lack of multimedia power in this great 15-inch laptop. It's not just good for play, though. The brilliant keyboard makes typing on this Sony a breeze.

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Sony laptops

The VPC-EC2SOE/ WI offers great everyday performance, excellent usability and a healthy features list. A more powerful graphics card would have made this an unstoppable force, but don't let that bother you unduly if you're not a gamer.

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3. Sony VAIO VPCF12M0E/B

Sony laptops

Combining stunning performance, great usability and HD features, the VPCF12M0E/B is a fantastic machine at this price. Costing hundreds less than some equivalent laptops, it stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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4. Sony VAIO VPC-Z12V9E/X

Sony laptops

The VPCZ12V9E/X is a winning combination of style, power and chic design quality in a stunning ultraportable package. With Intel's Core i7 technology providing the best performance we've seen to date, this is easily one of the best laptops you can currently buy if you can afford it.

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5. Sony VAIO VPCZ11Z9E/B

Sony vaio vpcz11z9e/b

The slim, lightweight VPCZ11Z9E/Bpacks a Core i7 processor and 6GB of DDR3 RAM into one neat package. Its discrete graphics card means it's even suitable for gaming. While the price is high, there's no doubt that this ultraportable laptop sits comfortably among the upper echelons of the current market.

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