Louis Vuitton's solar powered uber-suitcase

Karl Lagerfeld designed this Luis Vuitton high tech trunk with capacity for forty iPods Just don t ask why

Louis Vuitton one-ups the rest of the luggage world this week with the launch of a new 'uber' suitcase, containing a TV, coffee-machine and a host of gadgets powered by solar panels.

This latest high-tech luggage news follows the report earlier this week that UK power-assisted suitcase manufacturer Live Luggage is set to launch a new range of motorised snowboard and sporting kit bags,

The news comes via Register Hardware spotting a number of images of Vuitton's two new hi-tech suitcase.

We expect to see the usual suspect celebs sporting these high-tech trunks in the pages of Heat and Closer sometime soon!

Holds forty iPods

One trunk that was specially commissioned for a Chinese customer and contains everything you really need to get you through life – notably a TV, a DVD player and a petrol-powered coffee maker. Plus a bunch of solar panels to charge up your iPod, laptop and any other gadget you care to take to the desert island with you.

The second high-tech Vuitton trunk was designed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself and can hold up forty iPods. (Is Mr Lagerfeld aware that the batteries can be recharged in his iPods, we idly wonder? Or is he so filthy rich that he just throws them away when he's used up the battery, along with his silk underwear!?)

"It's worth noting that, when a simple Louis Vuitton passport holder costs £155 ($234/€176), the custom-made Lagerfeld trunk would undoubtedly set you back a pretty penny," notes El Reg.

"Yet it comes with what looks suspiciously a JBL speaker set - which retails for around £50 ($75/€56). Nice mark-up if you can get it..."

Via The Register