Windows 10 gets DTS Sound Unbound app to bring virtual surround to your old stereo headphones

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Windows 10 users can now download the DTS Sound Unbound app, and enjoy the benefits of DTS:X and DTS Headphone:X technology, following the public launch of the application on the Microsoft Store.

The app was previously only available to Windows 10 testers, but can now be grabbed by anyone with the caveat that you need to be running the latest version of Windows – the May 2019 Update.

DTS Sound Unbound promises better and more immersive sound for games and movies via DTS:X, while DTS Headphone:X promises to deliver 3D audio and spatial positioning with any old set of stereo headphones. And that could give you quite an advantage in games like shooters, in terms of better locating opponents based on the in-game noises they’re making.

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Spatial stumbling block

There are caveats here though, and while the eventual aim is to cater for any set of headphones, the tech doesn’t work with 44.1KHz-capable headphones at the moment (due to a limitation with Microsoft’s Spatial Sound framework, which this app is built on, along with other third-party virtual surround solutions). DTS says it’s working with Microsoft to overcome this particular hurdle.

At the moment, DTS Headphone:X is tuned for over 450 different models of headphones when it comes to delivering its virtual surround tricks, and further support will be coming in time, with the intention being to eventually cover pretty much all wired and wireless headphones out there.

So this is pretty cool stuff, and while the DTS Sound Unbound app is a free download from the Microsoft Store on the face of it, bear in mind that it’s just a trial version.

Unlocking the full power of the app will require dipping into your wallet, but at least you can use the trial to suss out any potential compatibility issues, and give the tech a spin.

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