What to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime this weekend – including Hamilton

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The highlight of new movies and shows to stream this weekend is undoubtedly Hamilton on Disney Plus. The original cast recording of the acclaimed musical is probably the biggest streaming event of the year so far, and it's now available to watch in every territory that has the service.

Elsewhere this weekend, Netflix somehow still has a whole load of new originals ready to go, including a romcom with an outrageously complicated plot and several new TV shows, while Amazon Prime has released the follow-up season to last year's movie-to-TV-series adaptation Hanna. 

Here's what you can stream this weekend on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. 

Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix)

On the trashier fringes of the true crime genre comes Unsolved Mysteries, which examines cold cases that have a hint of mystery about them – sometimes dialled up for dramatic effect, we suspect. This reboot of the long-running US series, which is turning everyone into armchair detectives, is produced by Stranger Things' Shawn Levy.

Now streaming on Netflix

Hamilton (Disney Plus)

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Easily the biggest event of the weekend in the world of streaming (and maybe the entire year), this 2016 original cast recording of the musical Hamilton is now available on Disney Plus. It's the life story of US Founding Father and key economic figure Alexander Hamilton, and it's the biggest stage phenomenon of the past decade or so. This movie version is 160 minutes long, and you might want to watch it on the biggest TV possible to get the full effect. Get ready to have these songs in your head for months. 

Hamilton is now streaming on Disney Plus

Hanna season 2 (Amazon Prime)

The Amazon Prime series based on the movie of the same name is back this weekend. Hanna is about a young woman who's been imbued with superhero-like abilities. In season 2, Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) heads to the Meadows, a secret facility disguised as a school where girls like her are created by a mysterious organization. Her goal now is to take the Meadows out from the inside. Eight new episodes are available now.

Check out our Hanna season 2 interview with creator David Farr for more on the show.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Ju-On: Origins (Netflix)

You're probably familiar with the Ju-On horror franchise via the mostly bad The Grudge movies, the most recent of which came out in January of this year. This Netflix show is the first TV adaptation of the series, and it sees a paranormal investigator checking out a spooky old house where something awful happened to the mother and daughter who once lived there. Our advice to the protagonist: don't go in that house.

Now streaming on Netflix

Desperados (Netflix)

The name 'Desperados' probably doesn't make you think of a romantic comedy, but here we are. This is the latest of a seemingly infinite amount of original movies that Netflix stashed in its vault before the worldwide production shutdown happened. 

The idea behind Desperados is wild: a woman meets her perfect man, and thinks she's being ghosted after they sleep together and he doesn't call her. As revenge, she sends him an incredibly angry email, intended to burn that bridge once and for all. 

But, plot twist! It turns out he was in a car accident, and that's why he didn't message back. Along with her pals, she heads down to Mexico to delete the email off of his phone before he gets the chance to read it.

Desperados is... surprisingly complicated. The cast includes Nasim Pedrad, New Girl's Lamorne Morris and Robbie Amell.

Now streaming on Netflix

Southern Survival (Netflix)

This new reality/documentary series looks like Mythbusters via Eastbound and Down. Produced by outdoor specialists BattlBox, hopefully this is more than just an advert for their survival gear, but the above trailer gives you an idea of the silly tone they're going for. Southern Survival looks like dozens of those 'we fired a rocket launcher at some glass!'-style videos back-to-back.

Now streaming on Netflix

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