Want VR...without a headset? This 3D monitor can do just that

Dimenco’s SR Pro Display
Dimenco’s SR Pro Display showing an image of an astronaut in a sci-fi corridor (Image credit: Dimenco)

Do you want to experience the immersion that comes with VR but can’t stand wearing a headset? Well, Dimenco’s simulated reality display might be exactly what you need.

First shown off at CES 2022, Dimenco’s SR Pro Display monitor uses a unique blend of lenticular lenses, image processing, and eye tracking to create a 3D image. Best of all, just like the Nintendo 3DS, you don’t need a pair of glasses to see objects bursting out of the screen.

 At Siggraph 2022 I had the chance to check out Dimenco’s SR display for myself and race a few laps in Project Cars 2.

Dimenco’s SR Pro Display

Dimenco’s SR Pro Display looks just as sci-fi as you'd expect it to. (Image credit: Dimenco)

Usually, when I get behind the wheel of a virtual car my real-life driving skills fade away. I horribly misjudge the racetrack’s turns and skid off the tarmac into the barriers surrounding my route. However, playing Project Cars 2 in 3D was a definite game changer. 

It wasn't suddenly transformed into the Lewis Hamilton of racing simulators, but my ability was greatly improved – in as much as I could finally complete a full loop without crashing once. 

The proper sense of depth didn’t just help me race better, it made the driving experience look and feel much more real – in much the same way that VR’s immersion makes you believe you’ve been transported to another world.

That said, the experience was still a bit behind the immersion the best VR headsets afford. No matter how many times I wanted to grab the digital objects I couldn’t interact with anything without using a controller or mouse and keyboard, which thoroughly broke the immersive feeling.

Additionally, this display will cost a fair bit more than an Oculus Quest 2 – even after Meta's device's major price hike.

Dimenco’s current SR display comes in one configuration – a 32-inch screen with an 8K image resolution – that costs $11,690 / € 9,990 (around £8,400 / AU$14495). 

To run it you’ll also need a decently well specified PC with a minimum of an Intel i7 10th generation processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card – though depending on what you intend to use this monitor for you might need a setup with a bit more power behind it.

Compared with the Oculus Quest 2's mere $400 / £400 / AU$630 asking price DImenco’s monitor doesn’t look like a proper alternative yet. 

But over time we should see this tech become more affordable, and in turn, see SR monitors more popular gadgets – just like the Quest 2 which has seen massive sales thanks to its low price compared to its predecessors.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long either. Sony’s Spatial Reality Display – which offers many of the same benefits as Dimenco’s display albeit with a much smaller screen – is currently just $4,000 (£3,300 / AU$5,700). That’s still not what we’d call budget-friendly, but the price is trending in the right direction.

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Hamish Hector
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