VLC for Nintendo Switch and PS4 could be on the way

The Nintendo Switch is a great games console. But when it comes to video? Not so great – it's recently received YouTube and (in the States) Hulu apps. And that's it – there's no onboard disc player, no Netflix, no Amazon. 

Which makes the news that VLC may be coming to the Nintendo all the more intriguing.

VLC is one of the most flexible and useful free media playing apps on PC, and has made its way to the Xbox One console and mobile phones previously. 

Now Jean-Baptiste Kempf, lead developer at VLC parent company VideoLan has told VentureBeat of his plans to bring the application to the Nintendo Switch, too. 

Updates planned

It would open up the console to personal video files for Switch owners, letting them playback all manner of video files on the Switch.

He also spoke of bringing the application to the PS4 too, though it's a little less needed there, with the PS4 already having its own media player app, as well as a full complement of streaming services. A Roku version of the app is also being considered.

VLC has some other updates in the works too. It's next Android build will include support for Apple AirPlay streaming, , while the VLC VR app will bring native VR video playback to VLC, with support for 3D interactions, VR-friendly stereo sound and a virtual cinema playback room.

Gerald Lynch

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