Virgin's re-branded broadband and TV deals are promising more 'oomph'

Virgin broadband deals
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When re-branding a product, there is undoubtedly a meeting in which the discussion of getting more 'oomph' into the names of products occurs. This is a conversation that Virgin Media clearly decided to take quite literally with its new range of broadband deals.

One major product re-brand later and Virgin has completely switched around the styling of its broadband and TV deals. Gone are the Player Bundles, the VIP packages and Full House options. In are the Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle and our personal favourite - the 'Ultimate Oomph' bundle

While names have been switched around, not much has changed in terms of what you're getting. You'll still get the same speeds and channels as before, Virgin claims this is simply to make its packages easier to understand and differentiate.

That said, Virgin has also introduced a new service promise, that will ensure that any customer that signs up now (or has been with Virgin since April 29) will get unlimited 4G mobile data for seven days if their broadband goes down. Furthermore, anyone on the Unlimited Oomph plan will be able to book a next-day engineer appointment to get their connection (and any other service fault) back up and running.

Mixit or Maxit?

Along with changes to TV and internet and the new service promise, Virgin's broadband only deals have changed names as well - switching away from the VIVID branding to a simple M. So instead of VIVID 200, you'll be getting M200 - a name that sounds vaguely familiar to a section of the motorway.

The final stage of Virgin's clarity re-marketing comes in the form of its two TV options - Mixit and Maxit. Going with Mixit will get you over 110 TV channels, whereas Maxit jumps up to over 230 channels including BT Sport and top Sky channels.

You can see all of Virgin's packages over on its website, ranging from cheap and affordable to blisteringly fast speeds and tonnes of channels. 

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