LG will continue making hybrid HD DVD players


We know HD DVD's a dead duck, you know it and even the white-haired centenarian at the bus stop probably knows it too. But it seems LG Electronics has yet to get the message, after it confirmed that it would persevere with the format.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, LG marketing manager Daniel Aziz said: "LG believes... it is necessary to provide a player which supports both formats and therefore create simplicity and convenience for the existing HD DVD consumer."

Multi Blue lives on

The company, which is well known for its BH100 Super Multi Blue dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD machine, seems set to continue producing such devices for the foreseeable future.

Aziz continued: "There are still a number of consumers who have chosen HD DVD and begun to build a HD DVD collection. LG is still excited about the future of this market... and will continue to do so with more technology evolutions and hybrids which will launch in due course."

Although it seems like a bizarre decision, we suppose early adopters of HD DVD deserve at least some small crumb of comfort for their misplaced bravado.