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Uncharted and other Sony movies will come to Netflix

Tom Holland in Uncharted
(Image credit: Sony Pictures/Tom Holland)
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Netflix and Sony have struck a deal that will put Sony’s movies exclusively on the streaming platform from 2022 onwards in the US when they're first available to stream. This includes the much-anticipated Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland.

Netflix has also committed to making a number of direct-to-streaming projects with Sony, which will be made on top of the studio's existing theatrical schedule of films. These will essentially become Netflix originals – and be available to subscribers worldwide. 

Other films among Sony’s 2022 theatrical offerings that will be available for streaming on Netflix US include Bullet Train, Morbius and Where the Crawdads Sing. The deal also encompasses Sony Pictures Entertainment films that feature Marvel characters, like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s sequel and future Venom movies.

The official announcement on Sony Pictures Entertainment’s website (opens in new tab) features a quote from Netflix Head of Global Films, Scott Stuber, who says: “Sony Pictures is a great partner and we are thrilled to expand our relationship through this forward-thinking agreement.

“This not only allows us to bring their impressive slate of beloved film franchises and new IP to Netflix in the US, but it also establishes a new source of first run films for Netflix movie lovers worldwide.”

Uncharted: Among Streams

The news should come as a comfort to those who’d like a convenient way to watch movies like Uncharted in the US. For everyone else, it means more Netflix original movies to come down the line. 

This could mean that we’ll also see Chad Stahelski’s Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation land on Netflix after its theatrical release, and could also encourage Sony to embark on more projects featuring its wide array of IPs. God of War movie, anyone?

For Netflix, too, it offers a dependable stream of new movies at a time when streamers like HBO Max and Disney Plus are using the film slates of Warner Bros and Disney to bolster their subscriber numbers. This simply gives them an extra selling point, alongside its large array of original content.

Rhys Wood
Rhys Wood

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