Turns out Samsung could have an Apple AirTags-like geo-tracker before Apple does

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition
(Image credit: Future)

It feels like we've been hearing about Apple AirTags for a lifetime now - which means at least for the entirety of 2020 - but it sounds like Samsung might have its own version of the technology out before Apple does.

Apple AirTags is set to be Apple's version of Tile trackers, which you attach to possessions so you can track them if they're lost or stolen. However, as spotted by SamMobile, something called a 'Galaxy Smart Tag' just got certified in Indonesia, which sounds very much like the same thing as the AirTags or Tile Trackers.

This certification doesn't give us much information on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag, but presumably they'd work similarly to how all these trackers do. However there is a second clue as to how these devices would work.

Samsung SmartThings Find

Samsung recently launched SmartThings Find for a global market - it's a tool for Samsung gadgets that can locate your tech using the Samsung Find My Mobile app.

This can work for smartwatches and earbuds even if they're not connected to a mobile network - presumably, the tech used to do so is exactly the same as for the Smart Tags. A Tile-like tracker could easily fit into this app Samsung already has, and would be especially useful for people with multiple gadgets from the company.

Of course, this is all speculation, and the Smart Tags might be something else Samsung has in store, just with a poorly-thought-out name. Whatever this is, we might hear more about it at the Samsung Galaxy S21 launch, which is expected to take place in January or February 2021.

Tom Bedford

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