This robot vacuum mop cleaner just had a massive 20% discount

360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop - $599.99 at Amazon (Roughly £457.52)

360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop - $599.99 at Amazon (Roughly £457.52)

The S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop from 360 comes equipped with ultrasonic and LiDAR dual-eye navigation which allows the device to easily map multiple floors in your house. The 5200 mAh battery provides up to three hours of use on a single charge and the S9 can mop as well when outfitted with a hands-free disposable mopping pad.

Like robot lawn mowers, robot vacuum cleaners are now a pretty common sight thanks to improvements in battery life, onboard smart capabilities and economies of scale. The 360 S9 is one of the newest models on the market and until the end of August 2020, it comes with a significant discount that makes it rather appealing should you be looking for a relatively affordable model that can mop and vacuum with aplomb.

The 360 S9 relies on three separate technologies to navigate around the rooms on its chore list; a traditional 2D map system that can store up to 10 floors, ultrasonic (roughly similar to how bats operate) and LIDAR (Laser imaging, detection, and ranging), a set of technologies that are pretty common in self-driving vehicles.

Together they give a certain degree of autonomy to the 360 S9. Other features include virtual boundaries and no-go zones, custom cleaning presets, the ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously, a customizable mopping water flow, up to 180 minutes cleaning time, a clever reversing feature (to remove anything that might have been trapped) anti-drop sensors and a 2200Pa suction power.

The S9 is not without fault though: its suction power could be better, as could its dust bin and the water tank capacity. It doesn’t claim to filter air or empty its bin automatically as well. At least one user has also reported that it only operates on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band which can be congested as it can interfere with other devices.

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