This may be our first look at the iPad Mini 5

iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 4 has been around for a long time now and is overdue a successor, yet signs of an iPad Mini 5 have been slim. That is, until now, as we might have just seen the first photos of it.

Shared by Twitter user @laobaiTD, the images show an iPad Mini that doesn’t quite look like any existing one, thanks to a slim antenna line on the back. That’s in contrast to the iPad Mini 4, which has a large antenna block if you opt for the cellular model.

Other than that this looks very similar to the current model, complete with a headphone port on the top edge, speakers on the bottom, volume keys on the right edge and a single lens rear camera. Of course, we can't see the front, so that could be different.

As the device is pictured here in gold it’s also likely that the eventual tablet will be offered in that shade if these images are accurate.

Could be coming soon

It’s worth noting that the source refers to the slate as the iPad Mini 4S, but this long after the iPad Mini 4 we think Apple is more likely to move up a number.

Of course, we’d take all of this with a pinch of salt, especially as the source doesn’t have as much of a track record as a leaker as some, and as an earlier case photo shared by Slashleaks and ITHome suggested a camera with a flash, which there's no sign of here.

However, we wouldn’t completely rule out the validity of these images, especially as it was recently rumored that a new iPad Mini would land in the first half of this year. If true we’d expect to start hearing and seeing far more of it soon.

Via 9to5Mac

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