New iPad Mini and 10-inch iPad tipped to arrive in 2019

iPad Mini 4

Apple launched a new entry-level iPad and two new iPad Pros in 2018 but it's apparently not finished with tablet refreshes yet. Reports from inside the Apple supply chain suggest that a new 10-inch iPad and a revival of the iPad Mini are scheduled for 2019.

As per anonymous sources speaking to the China Times, the two new slates are intended to boost iPad sales – the iPad Mini is coming in the first half of next year, with the 10-inch iPad (set to replace the 9.7-inch model Apple launched in 2018) arriving in the second half of 2019. Adjust your tech budgeting plans accordingly.

The iPad Mini 4 was launched way back in September 2015, and we were all assuming Apple had given up on the small form factor, with the growing size of its iPhones. Apparently not – and we did hear rumors of a new iPad Mini back in October.

New and improved

As for how much you'll have to pay for these two new tablets, or the sort of features they might be carrying, that's yet to be confirmed. It would make sense for Apple to update its whole range of products to Face ID rather than Touch ID, but we'll have to wait and see.

The new iPads might also adopt the rounded edges and edge-to-edge screens of the new iPad Pro – unless Apple really wants to keep costs down by sticking with the old design. Upgrades for the internal processor are likely as well, but the prices should stay well below the premium-level slates Apple puts out.

Indeed the China Times report also mentions a few cost-cutting measures by Apple, including switching the production of its LED panels to new locations to keep prices as low as possible. The entry-level iPad and the iPad Mini currently sell for $329 / £319 and $399 / £399 respectively.

Via MacRumors

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