This beautiful Dark Souls-like game is a true glimpse of the next generation

Black Myth: Wu Kong is a newly announced Dark Souls-like game planned for PC and consoles. Seriously, though, take a look at the gameplay footage in the trailer above – it looks incredible.

Black Myth: Wu Kong utilizes Unreal Engine 4 for its stunning visuals and is being developed by Chinese studio Game Science, which comprises of ex-Tencent staff. The game is based on Journey to the West, like 2010's Enslaved was, and you'll play as the Monkey King with access to 72 different abilities. 

While there is an official website, Google's automatic translation of Chinese is ropey, at best. Luckily, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad took to Twitter to speak a bit about the game, which offers some useful insight into the project and the team behind it. 

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"[It] has been more than 2 years since planning and development started. Originally with 13 devs in the first year and ramping up to around 30 this year," says Ahmad in another tweet, "They played games such as God of War, Monster Hunter World and Sekiro during development, learning from each title."

It won't release any time soon

Kicking off with an impressive 13 minutes of gameplay is one way to make an impression and Black Myth: Wu Kong certainly accomplishes that. If you're familiar with the intensely satisfying combat of games such as Sekiro or Bloodborne, you're probably as excited as we are. 

And even if you've never touched those games, you've got to admit it looks pretty amazing on a technical level. 

There's no concrete release date set for Black Myth: Wu Kong right now. According to Ahmed's Twitter thread, Game Science Studio has said that the game "is still far from completion and the aim now is to perfect what they have been able to showcase across a full-length game that is worth the asking price."

Still, just going by the trailer alone, Black Myth: Wu Kong looks like it will be well worth the wait.

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