This awesome SIM only deal with 100GB of data for £11.50 a month ends soon

SIM only deals
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While Black Friday has come to a close for this year, we're still seeing a few deals of the big saving event sticking around. One of the best offers to remain is a bargain Vodafone SIM plan...but it ends very soon.

Coming from the retailer, this SIM only deal in question offers a massive 100GB of data for just £16 a month. That alone is easily one of the best offers out there but it gets even better thanks to a cashback inclusion.

The retailer is including £54 cashback by redemption, effectively bringing your monthly costs all the way down to £11.50 a month. If that sounds like the perfect plan for you, you'll want to act quickly.

The end date is now set as Wednesday, December 8 at 4pm. You can find out everything you need to know about this offer below or consult our SIM only deals guide for more.

SIM only deals

SIM only deals: This Vodafone bargain in full:

Vodafone SIM only deal from | 12 month contract | 100GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £16pm + £54 cashback by redemption

Vodafone SIM only deal from | 12 month contract | 100GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £16pm + £54 cashback by redemption
Right now, this is easily the best price out there for this much data. Before you even take into account the cashback, getting 100GB of data for less than £16 a month is a challenge, especially on Vodafone! Once you consider the cashback, you're paying just £11.50 a month - an unbeatable price.

What are the benefits of being on Vodafone?

There are a few benefits to being in a contract with Vodafone, but the most obvious is its use of VeryMe. This is a rewards app that comes with Vodafone, allowing you to receive free coffees, get discounted film tickets, enter competitions and more.

On top of that, Vodafone offers the ability to roam in 48 EU countries and over 104 other destinations (with a small extra cost). And with all Vodafone SIM and mobile plans, you'll be getting access to both 4G and 5G depending on which phone you use.

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