This affordable Blink home security camera is now even cheaper

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Amazon has slashed 36% off the price of the Blink Indoor home security camera, reducing it from £69.99 to just £44.99, which is the best price we’ve ever seen for this battery-powered camera. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best home security camera deals in your region.) 

The best home security cameras make it easy to keep an eye on your property when you’re not at home, but they can be expensive so a good home security camera deal is always welcome. 

The Blink Indoor is powered by two AA batteries, which Blink says will last up to two years before they need changing. The compact home security camera can record footage in Full HD when motion is detected, and also offers a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can converse with anyone in the camera’s field of view – great for soothing pets when you’re out of the house. 

Blink Indoor: £69.99 £44.99 at Amazon
Save £25 -

Blink Indoor: £69.99 £44.99 at Amazon
Save £25 - Amazon has knocked over a third off the price of its versatile indoor home security camera. This is a record low for the Blink Indoor, beating even the prices we saw on  Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However we don’t know how long this deal will be available for, so we suggest you snap it up fast.  

Blink Outdoor: £89.99 £59.99 at Amazon
Save £30

Blink Outdoor: £89.99 £59.99 at Amazon
Save £30 - Alternatively, if you’d rather have a home security camera that can be positioned outside as well as indoors, you can snag a 33% saving on the Blink Outdoor. The weatherproofing is the only difference between this camera and the Blink Indoor. This isn’t the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this model – it’s dropped to £49.99 in the past, but this is still a good deal. 

The Blink Indoor records colour footage during the day, but at night video is captured in black-and-white as there’s no built-in LED, although we were able to pick out details clearly in the video, and we found the audio was in-sync with the picture. 

If you want to review footage at a later date, you’ll either need to sign up to the Blink Subscription Plan, which offers cloud-based storage for video captured by the camera – this costs £2.50 per month, although the camera comes with a free trial of the service, which lasts until July 2022. 

Alternatively, the Sync Module 2, which comes bundled with the camera, lets you store footage locally, although you will need to invest in a USB flash drive as well to utilise this option.

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