These headphones could bring you the sound of silence at an affordable price

Soundcore Q45 and A40
(Image credit: Soundcore)

Audio brand Soundcore has launched a new mid-range Space audio line that might be able to block out 98 percent of outside noise.

The lineup includes Soundcore's Space A40 earbuds and the Space Q45 headphones, the latter of which incorporate the company’s new “three-stage noise canceling system.” A company representative told us the system utilizes a "dual cavity structure for improved passive noise canceling to filter out high and mid [frequency sounds]..." For filtering low-frequency sounds, the Q45 uses a hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) feature. This style of sound-muffling is, according to some experts, more effective than standard ANC because it uses outward microphones facing in different directions to actively filter external sound. 

Soundcore's new Space A40 earbuds obviously can't cover your entire ear, so instead of the three-stage system, it opts for a hermetically tight seal that stops external noise from leaking in. On top of that, it shares a similar outward-facing microphone system as the Q45 for its ANC feature.

Alongside the robust active noise cancellation, the Space line has other noteworthy features that could potentially make it a leader in mid-range audio devices.

Q45 features

Starting with the Q45, the pair of headphones comes with 40mm double-layer diaphragm speakers that sport certifications for LDAC, Hi-Res Wired, and Hi-Res Wireless. These are audio codecs created in part by Sony that ensure high-quality audio across wired and wireless connections. Hi-Res Audio, in particular, is “capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings…” to simulate an in-person experience. 

The Q45 has a whopping 65-hour battery life which is reduced to 50 hours of playtime when using the active noise cancellation. If power is running low, a quick five-minute charge can give you four hours of battery life. You can also customize the audio with the accompanying app to adjust the level of noise cancelation and turn on the LDAC codec.

A40 features and availability

The Space A40 earbuds have a lot of the same features as the headphones. They use the same app for customizing noise canceling, the same codec certifications, and offer a similar battery life. Used with the wireless charging case, the A40 can last up to 10 hours on a single charge or 50 with the pocket-sized recharging case. If you’re on the go, a 10-minute charge gives you four hours of life. 

Both sets of devices have the ability to hold phone calls thanks to outward-facing microphones and an AI algorithm. Together, the microphones and AI collaborate to block outside noise and enhance a speaker’s voice. But the feature is potentially better on the A40 because it has six microphones compared to the Q45’s two. This allows the earbuds to better filter noise. The last noteworthy feature is Multipoint Connection via Bluetooth. This allows you to connect either the Q45 or the A40 between two Bluetooth-enabled devices and seamlessly hop between them.

Both Soundcore Space devices are currently available for purchase in the US, Europe, and Canada. The Q45 will set you back $149.99 and it's available in black only. There are plans to release white and blue models later in the year, but only for certain markets. We will update this story if Soundcore tells us where it's selling the other colors. The A40 will be available in the same global regions for $99.99 and comes in three colors: black, white, and navy blue.

Basically, you have high-quality noise-canceling headphones at a pretty friendly price. You can’t beat that. But if price is not an issue for you and you’d like something more high quality, TechRadar recently updated its best headphones list for 2022

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