These are the best drone images of 2017


Love them or hate them, drones offer photographers a new and unique look at the world, and to celebrate this, online community Dronestagram and National Geographic have just announced the winners of the fourth International Drone Photography Contest.

Broken down into three categories, Nature, Urban, and People, along with a special category titled Creativity, it's a chance to showcase what this relatively new genre is capable of. 

We've picked out some of our favorites below, but to see all the winners, pop along to the Dronestagram gallery.

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End of the line by Martin Sanchez

People: 1st prize winner

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Peace by luckydron

Urban: 3rd prize winner

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Next Level By macareuxprod


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Infinite Road to Transylvania by Calin Stan

Nature: 2nd prize winner

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Provence, summer trim by jcourtial

Nature: 1st prize winner