There's still time to grab AirPods Pro for $235 but there are plenty of sales to choose from

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AirPods Pro deals have been a bubble of frenzied excitement and out-of-stock notices over the last few weeks, but with the latest slew of AirPods Pro sales flying off the shelves, we're looking at some competitor offerings for even bigger savings. While the AirPods Pro earbuds might be the hit product of the year, there are plenty of other models that are fighting it out for your attention right now with cheap wireless earbud deals of their own. 

Today we're looking at this fantastic $198 price tag on the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds as well as the return of the $199 Powerbeats Pro. The former offer the most competitive threat to the AirPods Pro empire, with industry-leading noise cancellation and a gorgeous soundscape of powerful sound across the frequency range. Meanwhile, the Powerbeats Pro are more like the estranged cousins of the royal family - except they're the fitness nuts that sacrifice noise cancellation for supreme comfort fit and excellent audio quality. 

Both alternatives are offering a lower price tag than the recent AirPods Pro deals on offer, making this week's cheap wireless earbud sales an excellent opportunity to grab some premium sound for less. 

Not in the US? Scroll down for the best wireless earbuds prices where you are. 


AirPods Pro | $249 $234.98 at Amazon
The fan favorites and the rulers of the wireless earbud popularity contest, the AirPods Pro buds are the latest to come out of Apple themselves. This $235 AirPods Pro deal is still sticking around into February, though we don't know when prices will sneak back up again. This deal has been so popular Amazon is temporarily out of stock, but that doesn't mean you can't nab this fantastic price. If you order today Amazon will ship your earbuds to you as soon as they get their hands on them.


Sony WF-1000XM3 | $229.99 $198 at Amazon
If you're looking to block the world out and concentrate on some incredible audio, the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds have a keen proposition for you. You can save $30 on the fantastic buds this week, bringing the price down to below $200.


Powerbeats Pro | $249.95 $199.95 at Amazon
For those looking at fitness-inspired wireless earbud sales, the Powerbeats Pro are a fantastic $50 off this week at Amazon. You're scrapping noise cancellation in favour of fantastic comfort and an ear grip design that ensure your buds will never slip out during even the most intense of workouts.

You'll find all the latest AirPods deals right here on TechRadar, plus we're also tracking all the best noise canceling heapdhone deals and the cheapest wireless headphone sales of the week. 

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