The new TCL Roku 4K HDR TVs for 2018 just launched at $650

TCl Roku TV

The new TCL Roku 4KTVs for 2018 are the poised to become our favorite affordable televisions this year thanks to their high-end features and desirable starting price.

TCL's all-new 6-series costs $649 on Amazon for the 55-inch version, and $999 for the 65-inch model, and each packs in advancements over last year's TCL P6-Series.

Notably, these new LED TVs feature more local area dimming technology – or what TCL calls 'Contrast Control Zones' – for superior contrast ratio. It's how LED manufacturers are trying to compete with more contrast-rich OLED technology.

The P6-Series had local dimming, too, but only 72 of these contrast control zones. This year's televisions bump that up to 96 zones for the 55-inch TV, and 120 zones for the 65-inch model. So, on the larger TV, in addition to the 10 inches of extra screen space, you get 24 more local dimming zones for your extra $350.

All of this is in addition to returning TV features, including Dolby Vision HDR (carried over from 2017), the 4K resolution (carried over from the 2016 set), and the easy-to-use Roku interface (from the 2014 original TCL Roku TV).

Going through that TV timeline, we can see that TCL's televisions have evolved, with the 2018 sets sporting a more aesthetically pleasing brushed metal finish. They also contain more under-the-hood color precision smarts, like a wider color gamut, the DCI-P3 reference color standard, and the all-new iPQ Engine to intelligently pinpoint the right colors.

Matt Swider