The Moto G7 is officially on sale in the UK and it is exclusive to Amazon

Moto G7 deals
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We've spent the last year since the Moto G6 came out preaching about its brilliant prices, its reign over the budget phone market and its surprisingly impressive performance. But that might all be coming to an end now as the new and shiny Moto G7 is officially available to pre-order.

Knocking the Moto G6 off its budget throne, Motorola's newest device is set to be the newest affordable flagship to go for. It is currently exclusive to Amazon during its pre-order stage which means your choice is limited. But with a price tag of just £239.99 there really isn't any need to shop around anyway.

The phone will be fully released on March 15, but if you know this is the device for you then scroll down to see all of the details of this pre-order offer. Or if you're still unsure whether this is the device for you then check out our Moto G7 review.

Grab a cheap Moto G7 deal from Amazon


Moto G7 from | SIM-free | £239.99
The Moto G6 was legendary when it comes to the best budget smartphones and Motorola is clearly sticking to what it does best. Coming in at well under £250 this is a phone with features way above its price range. A big display, great performance and a well-built design all squished into one attractive price tag. Right now the device is exclusive to so you'll have to get it from there. The phone comes in Black or White.

Want to go even cheaper on your new budget device? Check out the best Moto G6 deals below or consider Motorola's other new budget mobile - the Motorola G7 Power - that Amazon is exclusively selling for £60 less.

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