The latest Nintendo Switch Pro rumors are pretty disappointing

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Whisperings of a new Nintendo Switch Pro have been gaining more traction in recent months as more and more leaks begin to appear online. While some have potentially been too good to be true, like that Switch Pro production will start in the next few months, we're hoping the most recent rumor isn't true.

On Korean site Clién's community forums (via Wccftech), a poster named Cathedral Knight claims that the Switch Pro will launch in Q4 but will not boast 4K and upgraded performance as expected.

Instead of moving to an upgraded version of Tegrax1 +GPU, Nintendo will apparently work with Nvidia to create a custom processor based on Volta. In other words, not much will actually improve with the Switch Pro, it may just be a little faster.

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Let's hope not

Now, let us remind you that this is a rumor and the poster goes on to claim that this custom processor currently isn't ready for mass production – contradicting the previous rumor we heard about the Switch Pro going into mass production in coming months.

Plus a Q4 release would put Nintendo in direct competition with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, a move Nintendo tends to avoid where possible.

While it's been claimed this poster is a reliable source of leaking information, we aren't so sure. We couldn't find any evidence suggesting this is the case, but that's not to say they're completely unreliable, just that – as with every rumor – we should treat it with a suitable amount of speculation. 

In addition, we can't imagine Nintendo releasing a Switch Pro that simply worked a little faster – we would be very disappointed if that was the case and so would a lot of fans. It also doesn't line up with previous rumors that this new Switch would be "premium".

We're hoping Nintendo sheds some light on the rumored Switch Pro in the coming months, but we also hope it boasts more hardware upgrades than this.

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