The iPhone 14 launch date has finally leaked

A screenshot from the 2021 Apple September event
(Image credit: Apple)

Judging by precedent, the iPhone 14 should launch on a Tuesday in September -- and a leaker just gave us a good idea which Tuesday to mark in your calendar.

According to the Apple-focused site iDropNews, based on information from its own sources, the Apple September Event in 2022 will take place on September 13 - that's right in the middle of the month. 

If you compare that to previous iPhone launch dates, it tallies perfectly. Since the iPhone 5, the iPhone has launched between September 9-12, and on the Tuesday as the optimum time before the Friday pre-order and the next Friday's on-sale date.

So, with that in mind, we shouldn't assume that this leak has any strong information - they could just be playing the odds. Also, Apple has launched iPhones the week before in the past - in the case of the iPhone 7 - to avoid other clashes, so this might still be a placeholder.

The leaking site does say that Apple will host one event on the 13th, and it might not be the iPhone 14 launch - but since Apple tends to host its iPhone launches on Tuesdays in September, we're pretty confident that it will be the date.

More to come?

The site's sources suggested lots of extra gadgets are coming besides the iPhone 14, though there's nothing mentioned that we haven't heard before. Apparently, there will be four iPhone 14s (the standard model is said to come alongside a Max, Pro and Pro Max version), the Apple Watch 8 alongside an 'Extreme Edition' for more outdoorsy pursuits, the more affordable Apple Watch SE 2, the AirPods Pro 2, and the new iPad (2022).

With all those new products, it's possible that the company will host two launch events like it did in 2020 - then, we saw new iPads and Apple Watches earlier than the year's iPhones. If this happened then September 13 would likely just be for the non-iPhone devices, following the way it happened in 2020, with the iPhone 14 family arriving later.

Since Apple generally announces its launch events a week before they happen, we'll likely have to wait until September 6 to see if something is happening on the 13th - though leakers might tell us what to expect first.

Tom Bedford

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