The Boys showrunner opens up on his surprisingly favorite season 3 scene

Mother's Milk, Kimiko, and Hughie join forces for reasons unknown in The Boys season 3
The Boys season 3 has a scene that rivals Herogasm - for its showrunner, anyway. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has revealed his favorite scene in season 3 – and it's one that rivals Herogasm, in his eyes.

Speaking to TechRadar ahead of The Boys season 3's June 3 release, Kripke opened up on the sequence that shines a light on the arrogance of superheroes in The Boys' universe, and the 'act first, think later' approach that many of them live by.

Unsurprisingly, many fans of the hit R-rated Prime Video show are eagerly awaiting the live-action adaptation of Herogasm, the graphic novel series' most controversial storyline. And, while he's excited to bring Herogasm to Prime Video's global audience, Kripke explained that he was just as hyped to adapt another of his "favorite stories in the comics" for the show's third instalment, even if it's been altered slightly for the TV series.

"I'm looking forward to fans seeing the flashbacks in Nicaragua," Kripke said. "One of my favorite stories in the comics involves Mallory, who is a World War II veteran, because that was the timeline of that story [in the source material].

"In the show, we see young Mallory's first interaction with Soldier Boy and the super team Payback [in Nicaragua], and how horribly wrong it goes. The Supes are such vain a******s and completely ill-prepared to handle an actual battle. That's something that's always stuck with me, because it proves how useless these heroes actually are. They're too arrogant to train – they just show up and think their powers are enough."

Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy looks lost and surprised in modern day America in The Boys season 3

Soldier Boy and Payback really make a meal of the battle in Nicaragua. (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Of course, there are plenty of other wild, emotional, action-packed, and hilarious sequences that make up The Boys' third season. And, with Amazon Studios only releasing the first three episodes on Prime Video on launch day, Kripke is naturally hesitant to spoil any other major (and potentially jaw-dropping) scenes in the show's latter episodes.

Still, The Boys TV show's creator believes fans will get a kick out of seeing Soldier Boy and Payback in their prime. In Kripke's view, the battle in Nicaragua doesn't just indicate how incompetent Vought's manufactured superheroes are – it also reveals one particular element of the superhero genre that humorously niggles in the back of Kripke's mind.

"It really makes you think about every superhero's training," Kripke joked. "Take the Avengers. Where did they learn how to do any of the s**t they do? Did they ever take a Krav Maga class? For the superheroes in The Boys' universe, they're too arrogant to just think they can do all these things. So I really love that side of the superhero genre. And, you know, the Nicaragua sequence was a huge and elaborate scene to film, but one that was super fun to do."

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