Tesla Battery Day live stream: how to watch it and what time it starts

Tesla Model 3
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The much-hyped Tesla Battery Day live stream is about to go from 0 to 60, with Elon Musk highlighting new advancements and manufacturing goals for 2021 and beyond. It'll also have a shareholders meeting.

Tesla frequently bundles investor meetings with public announcements, such as its Autonomy Day live stream last year showing off new self-driving Teslas. Today, all signs (and Musk tweets) point to Tesla announcing its own in-house battery production, as well as potential advancements in battery technology.

Want to see the potential future of Tesla battery tech in its cars? Then read on for how to watch the Tesla Battery Day live stream video in time for the breaking news.

How to watch the Battery Day 2020 livestream

Today, September 22, Tesla's Annual Meeting of Stockholders will begin at 1:30pm PDT / 4:30pm EDT / 9:30pm BST. Shareholders will have access to a private stream that allows them to vote and submit questions, while the public will also be able to watch the meeting.

At the conclusion of the stockholders meeting, the Tesla Battery Day live stream will immediately proceed into the Battery Day festivities on the same live video feed.

You can find the embedded link to Tesla's livestream on Tesla's site, or in the embedded video below. If you happen to own Tesla stock and have an invite code, you can access the private livestream at this link.

Unfortunately, Tesla has not made clear how long the stockholders' meeting will take, so those who are only interested in Battery Day announcements will need to keep the livestream open and wait for the switch. 

Battery Day and shareholders' meeting: what to expect

In the weeks leading up to Battery Day, Elon Musk has dropped several hints about what to expect, while leaks from Tesla employees have revealed other potential innovations that could make an appearance during the event.

To start, Elon Musk has explicitly promised updates on future production goals for the Tesla Roadster sports car, the Tesla Semi truck, and the infamous Tesla Cybertruck.

In the same Twitter thread, Musk hinted that to meet battery cell demands for its cars, Tesla would need to both increase its battery purchases and "take action ourselves". This strongly suggests that Tesla and Musk will reveal plans to manufacture car batteries internally during today's event.

This ties into a leak from Electrek, which claims to have discovered a prototype battery cell developed by Tesla as part of a "secret 'Roadrunner' project" based in Fremont. 

Allegedly, these new battery cells are twice as long in diameter as the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, and could provide a boost in mileage efficiency between charges.

Elon Musk has only fueled such rumors by speculating publicly about the trajectory of battery improvements over the next few years. 

In response to a tweet speculating about the possibility of electric flight vehicles, Musk predicted that in "3 to 4 years", batteries with a 400 Wh/Kg capacity would be "produced in volume", which would basically double the capacity of currently available commercial batteries.

Tesla could also bring up its giant home batteries during the event. These cost upwards of $10,000 to install but allegedly saved one Australian family nearly $6,000 in electricity bills over four years. It's possible that Tesla could announce plans to expand its solar energy business.

While Tesla Battery Day will focus on such developments, the annual shareholders meeting could touch on a wide range of Tesla-related topics. You'll have to tune in at 1:30pm PDT to find out more.

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