Why is Samsung seeking Google partnership for OLED displays?

Why is Samsung seeking Google partnership for OLED TV business?
Is Samsung Google's ticket to an Apple TV rival?

Samsung has spoken to Google with a view to potential investment in the Korean company's growing OLED display business, it emerged today.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jay-yong has claimed Google CEO Larry Page 'showed interest' in a televisual expansion of the two tech titans' hugely successful partnership in Android mobile devices.

The Korea Times reported Jay-yong as saying: ''During the meeting with the Google CEO, I proposed the expansion of our business partnership to him. Larry Page showed interest in our OLED business,"

A Samsung official followed up by saying: "We don't rule out the possibility to enter a new business partnership with Google in OLEDs. But more time will be needed for further details."

What's this all about then?

The question to emerge from the report is: Why would Google be partnering-up with Samsung in the OLED business?

In light of Apple's rumoured Apple iTV project, is the company gearing up for yet another big run at its so-far tepid Google TV experiment?

Currently the company is partnering with LG to produce Google TV-enabled sets, while Asus just launched the Qube set-top box which also brings the Google TV experience.

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According to the AndroidBeat, any alliance may be merely strategic rather than product centric. Recent reports have suggested Samsung's growing dominance of the Android market is may be causing angst at Google.

Could a closer alliance, forged by Google cash, keep the two companies on the same team?

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