Vizio's new P Series 4K TV may be the first reasonably priced Ultra HD TV

Vizio's new P Series 4K TV may be the first reasonably priced Ultra HD TV
Just how aggressively will Vizio price the P Series?

TV manufacturer Vizio has built quite the following in recent years, offering high quality HD TVs at exceptionally affordable prices. Now the company is planning to do the same for 4K sets.

On day one of the CES expo in Las Vegas, the American company announced the arrival of its new P Series televisions, which will be its first 4K sets to go on sale to the public, sometime in 2014.

The P Series, which will come in sizes between 50- and 70-inches, and will be "aggressively priced" according to the company, which did not reveal specifics on price or availability.

For the outlay, whatever it may prove to be, the P Series promises "best in class" picture quality thanks to "advanced local dimming technology, featuring a backlight that consists of 64 Active LED Zones, HEVC Codec for Ultra HD streaming and VIZIO's V6 six-core processor that combines a quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU."

Just how low Vizio chooses to go with its price point, could herald a new era of adoptability for 4K television sets, which are currently priced out of the reach of the vast majority of consumers.

Money no object

As well as the P Series, Vizio also lifted the lid on its Reference Series 4K television, which it is brazenly calling the "ultimate TV if there were no limitations or need to compromise."

The Reference Series, which will come in 65- and 120-inch sizes (making it the largest so far at CES), is 4K capable, can handle 48fps films and games at 128fps and is the result of two years of dedicated R&D.

It offers High Dynamic Range with an exceptionally bright 800 nit backlight, 384 Active LED Zones for "unprecedented contrast" and support for "true" 10-bit colour.

Something tells us that television won't be quite as "aggressively priced" as the P Series.

Meanwhile, in other news, it seems Vizio has officially ditched 3D. It's new line-up of E-Series and M-Series HDTV's were announced with no sign of a third dimension.


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