Top 15 LCD & Plasma TVs of 2008

Best TVs
Which of these TVs is right for you?

Flatscreen TVs are the must-have technology item of the decade.

Everyone who doesn't own one wants one. And most of those people who have got one, want a new one.

But there's so much to consider when buying a new TV these days, that many people are actually scared away. Do you go for Full HD? Or is HD-ready okay? Do you go with LCD or Plasma? What's a contrast ratio?

What you really need is a big list of all the best TVs, so that whichever one you choose, you know you're guaranteed quality and value for money.

And surprise surprise, here we have just such a list! These TVs are all fantastic. Some of them offer great value for money, while others offer the best quality for a higher price. Which one you buy is entirely up to you.

Sony KDL-26P3020 - 26-inch - LCD TV

Sony KDL-32W4000 - 32-inch - LCD TV

With the KDL-32W4000, Sony is following attempts by Panasonic and Sharp to kick-start an era of full HD resolution 32in panels. The screen's main attraction is that massive resolution, which will tempt gamers and Blu-rayers alike. This is impressively backed up by three HDMI inputs. Better still, one of them is situated on the TV's side, which will make occasional hook up of games consoles a cinch, whether on a desktop stand or wall-mounted. The KDL-32W4000's fabulous user interface and performance with colour and high-definition in general is enough to make this a decent value and attractive option if you're after a specialist HD screen. Read our full review

Panasonic TX-32LZD85 - 32-inch - LCD TV

The TX-32LZD85, a mid-range model from Panasonic's new LCD collection, packs a fearsome on-paper punch. For starters, it's got Full HD resolution, potentially adding an extra lovely level of purity to your 1080i/p HD gaming visuals. Intriguingly, it's also got 100Hz processing, whereby the normal PAL scanning rate of 50Hz is doubled to make motion look clearer and less blurred. While it may not be the purist gamer's choice, once you add some exceptional video prowess to the nearly flawless gaming, as a TV/console all-rounder, the Panasonic TX-32LZD85 is the one to beat. Read our full review

LG 32LB75 - 32-inch - LCD TV

If you're going to call a TV range 'Design Art', you really are raising expectations of something truly spectacular and unlike anything that's been seen before. Which is precisely why our first impression of LG's 32LB75 is one of slight disappointment. To be fair, though, just because it doesn't quite live up to marketing-inspired expectations does not mean it isn't still a very pretty TV. We're pleased to say the 32LB75's efforts have taken a big step forward for LG's LCD picture quality. This is a great option for those who need a TV that both looks great and performs well. Read our full review

Panasonic TX-32LXD70 - 32-inch - LCD TV

Like Bond, Panasonic's TX-32LXD70 is jacketed in a sleek, black tuxedo and boasts an arsenal of sophisticated features that would make Q jump for joy. The TX-32LXD70 is another fine addition to Panasonic's bulging catalogue of flatscreens, conclusively demonstrating that the manufacturer is as adept with budget LCD TVs as it is with high-end plasmas. This TV neatly earns the legend of the 007 of 32in LCD TVs: this stylish and smooth operator has a licence to thrill. Read our full review

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