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Top 10 best Freesat boxes for UK TVs

Humax foxsat-hdr


Humax Foxsat HDR


The first Freesat+ HD PVR, and the only serious satellite rival to Sky+

With the arrival of the Humax Foxsat-HDR there is finally a subscription-free rival to Sky+, the de facto satellite TV PVR in the UK.

Previously, recording a Freesat broadcast meant resorting to antediluvian methods such as using a separate DVD recorder or VCR in conjunction with a Freesat receiver.

The system works almost flawlessly and can deliver top-quality broadcast images and sound. Directly comparing simultaneous broadcasts on Freesat, Freeview and Sky (using my third LNB) show that this system is on a par or sometimes better than its rivals.

Standard definition BBC broadcasts and most other channels look as good on the Humax as they do on Freeview and Sky.


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