Seoul Noir: Police suspect Samsung of stealing LG's OLED secrets

Seoul Noir Police suspect Samsung of stealing LG s OLED secrets

The police had a nose around Samsung's South Korean offices yesterday after one of LG's partners was accused of leaking OLED secrets to the company's nemesis.

A Samsung spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg that the police are involved in a long-running investigation over possible tech theft that has been bubbling away since last year.

Samsung's on the defensive and is, frankly, a little insulted, claiming that it wouldn't want to steal LG's sub-par OLED tech anyway:

"We have no reason to steal other companies' technology, as we have the world's best OLED technology," Samsung's Jun Eun Sun said.

Get me the mayor

While LG says this latest allegation is one the police have come up with on their own. Son Young Jun from LG Display explained, "The latest investigation is related to large-sized OLED TV panel technology, but the police have made the allegation themselves."

What we want to know is who's the femme fatale in this technological noir - the technological go-between? The police chief? A mystery red-head smouldering in the shadows on the periphery of our vision?

Can't wait for the movie.