LG's 84-inch Ultra HD TV hits UK today

LG's 84-inch Ultra HD TV hits UK today
We'll take two

Having debuted in January this year, the huge, gorgeous Ultra HD LG 84LM960V has finally gone on sale in the UK – leaving us with just the small matter of £22,500 to contend with.

It's the first Ultra HD TV you can get in the UK reckons LG, having clearly forgotten about the Toshiba 55ZL2 which went on sale in the summer for the relatively reasonable price of £7,000.

Still, at 84-inches LG's Ultra HD TV is much larger and has managed to pip Sony's KD-84X9005 to the post (that's coming mid-December and £2,500 more expensive than LG's).

Ultra brilliant

The main benefit of Ultra HD is that it lets you watch passive 3D in full HD – no pricey active glasses required and no loss of image quality.

Because it's basically 4x 1080p, upscaling is a cinch and your Blu-ray collection is going to look amazing on there – the downside is that there's still no delivery method for native Ultra HD content.

Even when a delivery method for native Ultra HD content does finally emerge, there's no guarantee that these early-days TVs will be compatible. So it's a £22,500 gamble.

Whether you have the cash or not, you can still check out the mega-screen if you're in London – it'll be on sale and on show at Harrods Knightsbridge, John Lewis Peter Jones Sloane Square and at The Gadget Show Live.

It will also be showing itself off at the Bullring in Birmingham (December 7 to 9) Westfield Stratford (December 13 to 15) and the Trafford Centre in Manchester (December 21 to 24). What a fun day out for all the family.

We have no doubt that you've all been exceptionally good this year, but have you been £22,500 good? We suspect Father Christmas will think not.

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