Sony: 'We'll push 3D when the market is there'

Sony LX Bravia series has 3D inside
Sony LX Bravia series has 3D inside

Sony showcased its latest television range in London today, but told TechRadar that it is not going to start major publicity on 3D until the UK market is ready.

Speaking to TechRadar, Christian Brown, Senior Category Marketing Manager Home Entertainment for Sony, explained the company's stance on 3D noting: "Our big push for 3D will be in June.

"We are doing it then because that is when the 3D content will be in the market, so we are not going to do a major push on something that isn't currently here."

3D content creation

Sony has two ranges of TVs which will be 3D Ready - the LX and HX series, both of which will be out in the UK in June. It is only the LX which is 3D enabled, however, with the HX able to process 3D content but only with the addition of a £50 transmitter add-on.

Sony isn't fazed that some of its biggest rivals – including Samsung and Panasonic – are flooding the shops with 3D Ready TVs before the company, with Brown explaining that Sony is well prepared to offer the best 3D experience.

"Sony really wants to be the leader on 3D. The fact that we create the content and also bring it to the home is massive for us.

"Things like the Fifa World Cup will be filmed in 3D, with our technology, and we have the rights to this. In fact 3D crosses all of Sony's product ranges, except for Sony Ericsson."

As for who will be leading the 3D when it comes to content, Brown believes that it will be videogames. But this will only lead to wider appeal.

"We are very much pitching 3D at the mass market," says Brown.

"Because of this, the focus [for Sony] is on the benefits 3D brings, instead of the technology.

"It's about educating and inspiring people with 3D."

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