Someone wants $20 million to 'fix' Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Dorne

As it turns out, you're not the only one who internally groans every time Game of Thrones cuts to its Dorne storyline. In fact, there's one group of fans out there that's so angry about the way this storyline has been handled in the TV show that they want to re-shoot it for themselves.

The team wants to start by changing how the storyline played out in season five, and they have a couple of suggestions about the main things they want to change. Firstly they want to show Jaime and Bronn infiltrating Dorne in a much more involved way, without simply finding a convenient stash of disguises and horses.

They also want to make the Sand Snakes a more diverse group with individual personalities, and they want to actually see Areo Hotah (or 'the Axe Guy') use his big ol' axe instead of being stabbed in the back before he sees any real action.

They need an Iron Bank of Braavos

With 23 days to go the project has already had $23,731 pledged towards its goal of $20 million, which according to Kickstarter tracking site Kicktraq puts them on a course to raise $91,570. This means hitting their $20 million target looks pretty unlikely at this point.

The team has also promised that if they manage to raise $23 million they'll try and hire Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to return to play Jaime Lannister.

For reference, an average episode of Game of Thrones is thought to cost between six and ten million dollars to produce.

Unfortunately the team has said that legal restrictions would prevent them from being able to edit their scenes in with the rest of the show. Instead they're advising that viewers will need to switch from one video to another to enjoy their contribution to the show.

The team will also face difficulties by not knowing what direction the official Game of Thrones show will proceed in. Changes they make to their sequences may end up not making sense with the direction the show takes in the future, which they as an unofficial fan project are not aware of.

The Kickstarter video shows three of the team's primary members. David Panfilo is listed as the project's writer and advertises that he wrote one third of the questions for the official Game of Thrones trivia boardgame. Sean Ireland is the producer and first assistant director, and Vicent Pezzutti is an 'ideas guy'.

Funding and logistical details mean that this project has an uphill struggle to fight, but it's always nice to see fans constructively suggesting solutions to what they see as problems rather than just complaining loudly online.

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