Sony and Sky launch final Go!View for PSP

Sky and Sony launch final version of GoView for PSP

Sony, in partnership with Sky, has finally announced the launch of Go!View, the on-demand video service for the much-maligned PSP, for those who want their entertainment or sports fix on the go.

The service has been in beta testing since July and PSP users can sign up to a 30 day free trial for all three subscription packs - Entertainment, Sports and Comedy for PSP – before they sign up and part with their hard-earned.

Pay as you go

If you don't like signing up to subscription services, then you can just 'pay as you go' and rent a selection of top movies and TV shows as and when you feel like it.

Cost wise, subscription packs will set you back £5 for 1 pack, £8 for 2 packs and £10 for all three packs, per month, with rental TV available from £1.50 per episode and movies from £2.50 each.

Head over to the Go!View website for the lowdown.