Philips rolls out TVs, headphones, and Jamie Oliver

Philips roll out headphones, and Jamie Oliver
Oliver's army

Philips showed off a wealth of fascinating gadgets for its IFA press conference, with British chef Jamie Oliver turning up to show off a cooker he developed in conjunction with the company and expressing his disappointment that the Dutch giant wasn't British.

Philips has spun its TV business into a joint venture with manufacturer TPV, calling the new company TPVision and it had the opportunity to show off two brand new television ranges and an updated Smart TV offering.

But Philips itself focused heavily on food, before showing off some impressive new headphones, a novelty key fob, a cool retro radio and Sonos-like wireless speakers in breakout sessions.

Jamie showed off a pretty nifty Philips HomeCooker, rustling up a curry in ten minutes flat despite the questionable help of CEO Pieter Nota.

Jamie and Pieter

It's an amalgamation between a slow cooker, an electric wok, a steamer and a stirrer and Oliver described it as "an extra pair of hands in the kitchen".

He also found time to tell the audience that he had thought the company was British because he used to drive past its UK Cambridge offices, expressing his disappointment at finding out his error and causing great mirth in the audience.

Beyond the cookery, the headphones definitely merit further mention, with the beautiful Fidelio range adding the huge and hugely comfortable X1 and the Philips O'Neil tie-up getting The Crash.

The Crash

The Crash builds on the principle that people want robust outdoors headphones, with the high end cans offering a nice design, tough materials and the promise that it can take up to 1500kg of static weight.

The Fidelio range has already attracted good reviews, and the X1 slots neatly in at the top end.

These high-end, and high-price, headphones are completely open backed and are all about the best possible sound. Designed for home use they have velvet ear cups and the lovely finish that the rest of the Fidelio headphones have displayed.

Philips Fidelio X1

Our first impressions of the sound quality were favourable with richness and depth present and correct. The fit is comfortable and, although expensive, you feel that there is a potential market for these high end cans.

Whether there's a market for the €49 InRange is perhaps a bigger question. It's a device that links up with your possessions and tells you via an iPhone appp when they move out of range (ie being stolen or left behind). It also tells you where they are and how far away.


It uses Bluetooth, allows you to remotely make your phone to bleep to find it and has a three month battery life. It's certainly an interesting concept – and it remains to be seen if it can prove popular at that price point.

Also on offer in Philips' app enabled accessories is two camera monitors – the In.Sight and the In.Sight baby monitor, which allow you to use your device to keep an eye on things going on in front of a connected camera.

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