Philips launches latest Ambilight TVs

Philips' latest TVs pack in Ambilight, internet connectivity and loads more new HD telly tech

Philips has unveiled its latest range of 9604 series 'Ambilight' enabledTVs – with the company claiming that the rather cheekily titled 32PFL9604 and 37PFL9604 – boast the best HD TV picture to date.

We will be sure to put those claims to intensive testing as soon as we get the latest tellies from Philips in for review.

"Picture quality for both sets is truly exceptional due to the inclusion of Philips' most powerful processing chip, the 2009 Perfect Pixel HD engine," the company tells us, with "improved contrast and the highest perceived light output thanks to the new Perfect Contrast feature."

The TVs also feature the latest Philips Ambilight Spectra 2 system which promises a deeper viewing experience as the television is able to accurately match on-screen content and extend the picture beyond the confines of the screen.

Packs in new telly tech

The sets pack in a load more new telly tech from Philips including the 2009 version of its Perfect Pixel HD engine which processes five hundred million pixels per second, 3D and 2D noise reduction available on all sources, powerful Perfect Color 17-bit Colour Booster technology and Perfect Natural Motion for judder-free and razor sharp images.

Finally, the sets also include NetTV so you can wirelessly connect to the internet using your TV remote. Natch!

Philips' new 32PFL9604 and 37PFL9604 will be launched in June with an estimated selling price of £999 and £1,299 respectively.