Panasonic shows off key new flagship 4K range and an 8K concept

Panasonic shows off key new flagship 4K range and an 8K concept
Panasonic's new 4K range arrives

Panasonic has shown off its next generation of televisions with highlights including a 4K TC-AX800U series and an 8K 85-inch concept as the company insists that pulling out of plasma was the right decision.

Panasonic's decision to opt for LED was met with both disappointment but grudging understanding, and the company is eager to show that dropping the plasma will not reduce quality.

To that end it showed off its latest 4K range - insisting that the AX800 range brings 'unprecedented clarity' with its four times HD resolution.

The TVs, coming in 65 and 58-inches, will also boast full network connectivity and all of Panasonic's favorite smart features including the brand new Life+ screen (with facial recognition), my Stream and Info Bar.


The 58 inch is here now, the 65-inch soon and, just over the horizon, is Panasonic's 8K television.

The company showed off an 85-inch set that offers up 16 times the resolution of HD, making sure it doesn't lack for a showstopper when the likes of Samsung and Sharp will display similar tech.

Panasonic's inevitable slew of CES 2014 announcements included several other interesting new projects including surround-sound streaming from subsidiary Aupeo and a multi-room speaker system that utilizes Qualcomm's AllPlay.

The latter is reminiscent of Sonos, although Panasonic will be hopeful that its SC-ALL8 and SCALL3 wireless speakers and SH-ALL1C Network Audio Connector will lure in a new audience.

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